Hala Shiha's wedding photos and Moez Masoud

February 09, 2021
Hala Shiha and Moez Masoud Hala Shiha and Moez Masoud

Dubai, United Arab Emirates: - The Egyptian actress, Hala Shiha, married the preacher Moez Masoud, and her followers shared a group of photos with her followers on the photo and video exchange application, Instagram.

Hala Shiha and Moez Masoud

Hala Shiha shared a number of pictures in which her father and sisters appeared, but what was striking was the absence of her children from her first marriage and their absence in family photos.

The preacher Masoud shared pictures of Shiha’s father during the marriage contract and commented in English.

The preacher Moez Masoud has been married several times, and Hala Shiha is the fourth wife after his first marriage to Sarah (Miss American University), and the second wife, Basant Noureddine (a tour guide), and the third wife Sherry Adel (actress)

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