Model Rose recounts how she was betrayed

April 20, 2021
 Model Rose recounts how she was betrayed Model Rose recounts how she was betrayed

Daily Times, United Arab Emirates: - “She was stabbed in the back, which is a difficult issue, especially when she is from people close to you,” said Moodle Rose, during an interview with Emirati media, Mahira Abdulaziz, through her virtual program that is shown on social networking sites.

Model Rose continued crying, “I went through a difficult period and I know perfectly well that it will pass, because I know that I am strong and many things that I have faced myself without needing anyone's help, even my family try not to bother them and make them upset with me, and every time they ask me about my news I tell them that I am fine, but I am In a difficult stage ”.

Moodle Rose revealed that she had to resort to a psychiatrist, and she justified that by saying: “He is the only person who, no matter what you tell him, is impossible to divulge your secret or talk about your life because he is a psychiatrist, but when you say to your friend and complain about your concern, a day will come to bend your arm.”

And about whether she thinks about revenge, Moodle Rose said: "I don't think about revenge because I know that God will take revenge on me in a stronger and better way."

The audience guessed that Model Rose was talking about her husband, the Saudi businessman, Muhammad Al-Hamoud.

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