Director Khaled Youssef sues the presenter Yasmine Khatib after his marriage - vision

Director Khaled Youssef sues the presenter Yasmine Khatib after his marriage

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates:- Egyptian director Khaled Youssef announced that he will sue the announcer and writer Yasmine Khatib, the presenter Basma Wahba and the Cairo and people channel, because Yasmin touched on him during her tour in Sheikh Al Hara.

Khaled Youssef wrote on "Ingestram" a long publication through the prosecution of all those who abused him, saying: "I have assigned my lawyer to raise a case on the channel and the people and the announcer and guest, this program, which lived most of the episodes to go into my biography and deliberate defamation me, The program's presenter, Khaled Youssef, has to go through his offer and pay his guests for questioning offensive remarks against me, especially her last guest, who treated me like a lot of abuse and defamation. "

"I told lies in an attempt to humiliate me and my family by claiming to marry me and they will not get any help from my relationship with my wife and the mother of my daughter," he said.

Yasmine Khatib talked about her marriage from Khaled to resemble their marriage with the curse that haunts her and she does not honor their association, stressing that their marriage was not secret and did not leak any image of them deliberately to reveal the matter.

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