A deleted video clip of Lucy Maino deprives her of the crown of beauty

April 11, 2021
Miss PNG, Lucy Maino stripped her title Miss PNG, Lucy Maino stripped her title

Daily Times, United Arab Emirates: - Miss Papua New Guinea, 25-year-old Lucy Maino, appeared in a video clip of her dancing hysterically on TikTok.

Lucy Maino was stripped of his crown after criticism.

Lucy Maino also holds a position for the women's soccer team in Papua New Guinea.

The now deleted Maino video has been identified by some critics as "inappropriate for a role model" of women.

The Queen was stripped of her title by the Miss Pacific Islands Committee, where the committee said: "Our primary goal is to empower women, and we are a unique platform, and we contribute to the promotion of cultural heritage, traditional values ​​and tourism. We support self-confidence, self-esteem and integrity and focus on community service and education." ".

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