Superstar Marc Ravallo sits on the "Punishment for Israel" trend

May 18, 2021
Superstar Marc Ravallo sits on the "Punishment for Israel" trend Superstar Marc Ravallo sits on the "Punishment for Israel" trend

Abu Dhabi, Vision, UAE:- The world star, Mark Ravallo, managed to collect two million signatures on a petition calling for the imposition of an international punishment on Israel, for its practices against the Palestinian people.

On his private page, he published a video documenting the Israeli security forces' attack on the home of a Palestinian family in Haifa.

Mark wrote, “Israeli policemen and policemen are trying to break into the house of a Palestinian family in Haifa. This is the terror that Palestinians are facing now under the state of Israel.”

Earlier, the world star wrote, "1500 Palestinians face expulsion in Jerusalem." 200 protesters were injured and 9 children killed.

World star Mark Ravallo emphasized that it was time to impose sanctions on Israel to liberate the Palestinians.

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