The handover of power to civilian rule in Sudan within two years

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates: - The Transitional Military Council of Sudan sent a letter to the international community, in which it stressed its objectives during the transitional period and the handover of power to a civilian government formed by the people within a maximum period of two years.

The Transitional Military Council of Sudan, in a letter issued by the Sudanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said in a statement that "the role of the Transitional Military Council during this period will be limited to emphasizing the rule of law and independence of the judiciary, providing and maintaining security and tranquility, promoting the spirit of equality and tolerance, Society to build and form parties and civil society organizations conducive to the peaceful transfer of power ".

"The military council will patronize dialogue between all segments of civil society, and will represent the sovereignty of the state, while it will form a civil government agreed by all," according to the statement.

The Sudanese Foreign Ministry affirmed Sudan's commitment to all local, regional and international treaties, covenants and agreements, and to maintain good-neighborly relations and balanced international relations that take into account Sudan's supreme interests and non-interference in the internal affairs of other countries.

The Sudanese Foreign Ministry expressed its aspiration to "understand and support the international community for the sincere efforts of the Transitional Military Council and the Sudanese political and civil forces to realize the wishes of the Sudanese people in a complete democratic transformation and building the state of institutions and achieving balanced and just development."

Since Abdul Fattah al-Burhan assumed the presidency of the Transitional Military Council, he announced the abolition of the night curfew and the release of all detainees under the state of emergency imposed by al-Bashir before his removal.

The president of the transitional military junta in Sudan has pledged to form a civilian government and to eradicate Bashir's regime and symbols.

In his first speech, al-Burhan also announced that a military council would be formed to represent the sovereignty of the state, as well as a representative civil government.

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