Bee trap in Afghanistan, American made

Friday, 20 August 2021
Why did America turn the "Taliban" into a state? Why did America turn the "Taliban" into a state? The Taliban of Afghanistan, a thorn in the side of Iran, a coal in the palm of China

Vision, Dubai United Arab Emirates:- Written by Awad Salam // Islamic movements and organizations around the world were disappointed, and that America had dropped a fig leaf from them, leaving their backs bare, after the Joe Biden administration announced its support for Egyptian national security against terrorism.

With the absence of any indications confirming the completion of Barack Obama's plan, which he started in 2009, with the return of Democrats with Joe Biden in 2021, the Islamic organizations stationed in power in some countries such as Tunisia and Morocco began to hold on to the gains they had achieved on the ground, according to plans that they laid out over four years of waiting for the departure of the Republicans with Donald Trump.

While Joe Biden's policy, in dealing with the plans of the US administration, was the subject of analysis, and questioning about the way he would enter, the use of the back door had a greater impact, and a direct impact in supporting such organizations, with his decision to withdraw US forces from Afghanistan, clearing the way To the "Taliban" movement, enabling it to rule in a strategic area that shares the border with Iran.

The American withdrawal from Afghanistan in favor of the “Taliban” was a sudden rise of Islamic organizations, no less in impact than the resounding fall of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt in 2013, and a glimmer of hope, perhaps not as the Islamic organizations would like, but a big step that gave them an area of ​​land that might be the center of “jihad.” , if not the thorn in the side of Iran, or the ember that Washington put in the palm of Beijing, after China announced the opening of channels for dealing with this organization.

So, Washington removed the Taliban movement from the form of the organization to the form of the state, allowing the way to attract all Islamic organizations around the world, and this was in response to the question posed about the shelter of the Muslim Brotherhood fleeing to Turkey and Qatar, and who might flee from Tunisia.

For his part, Joe Biden defends the decision to withdraw US forces from Afghanistan, and believes that it is the right decision, and sometimes he says that the "Taliban" seizure of power there was not expected, and sometimes he says that US intelligence expected this during 2021, according to his recent statements with the BBC.

But America will not forgive those who contributed to the failure of its plan, including Egypt by toppling the “Muslim Brotherhood” from power, and China, Iran and Russia with their support for Syria in defeating the “ISIS” organization, and it did not give Tunisia the opportunity to leave the region of the goal in becoming a thorn in the side of North Africa, Like Israel in the Middle East, and Qatar in the Gulf.

Until the American locomotive returns to the road, the American administration will try to start from the most vulnerable link, which is Syria, which has not regained its strength in the region after the years of war that exhausted it, especially since Egypt was able to regain its regional and international standing, which means that a separate plan is required to deal with it.

Apart from the good faith of the American administration, which leaves nothing to chance, considering Syria as the greatest threat to the world was an important opinion revealed by Joe Biden in his interview with the BBC, which may bring us back to talking about the bloodiest organization, which the media talked about when it began The "ISIS" organization is collapsing, and it is the "Khorasan" organization.

Turkey's reluctance to reconcile with Egypt, and the expulsion of Muslim Brotherhood cells from its lands, may be a waiting station for the arrival of the "Khorasan" locomotive, since Ankara is the safe passage for them to Syria.

With the Sino-American conflict, and Russia standing on the edge of this conflict, the forces may be unbalanced in the region, and if Afghanistan is not the honey trap that brings all the bees, and then eliminates them, just a shaking on the ground may lead to a bee rampage and a sizzling stronger than a hum Planes.

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