Expectations of Biden's "coup" against Trump in favor of America's Muslims

January 19, 2021

Dubai United Arab Emirates:- Amidst anticipation and expectations of a state of chaos during the ceremony of transferring power to the US President-elect, Joe Biden, the expectations of some American media outlets that Biden's first decisions would concern Muslims and those seeking American citizenship.

While Donald Trump was keen to make decisions that would reduce the number of Muslims who obtain US citizenship, there are expectations that Biden will announce on the first day of his presidency a new bill on granting US citizenship.

The news agency "Associated Press" quoted sources, as saying: The new project is related to granting citizenship "through a long path of 8 years, to about 11 million immigrants living in the United States illegally."

Under the bill, those who live in the United States illegally after January 1, 2021 will have a 5-year path to temporary legal status, or a green card that equates to official residency. If they pass the known checks, pay taxes and fulfill the basic requirements; It will pave the way for them to obtain citizenship within another 3 years.

Immigrants and those wishing to immigrate to the United States were very happy with the arrival of Biden, who pledged to change the policies of his predecessor, Donald Trump, who took a tough approach against immigrants.

Biden is expected to make swift enforcement decisions to end Trump's other immigration measures, including ending the ban on arrivals from several Muslim-majority countries.

The Associated Press considered the bill a "massive coup" against Trump's harsh immigration policies.

The bill is a fulfillment of Biden's promises that he made to his supporters during the election campaign. Especially the Latinos of them.

The project provides one of the fastest paths to obtaining citizenship for those who have lived illegally in the United States in recent years.

But the bill did not include the traditional trade-off of enhanced border security favored by Republicans. Which means that passing it in a divided Congress will not be easy.

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