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"Michelle Obama monkey" cause the dismissal of mayor

Thursday, 17 November 2016
Michelle Obama Michelle Obama

Pamela Ramsey Taylor, acting head of the body development subsidiary of the province, wrote on its front page in the Facebook social networking commenting on Donald Trump win the presidency, "It would be refreshing to see in the White House first elegant, beautiful and full of lady of dignity. I am tired of seeing monkey’s high heels."

President Clay municipality, a small town in the state of West Virginia, eastern United States, Beverly Welling, Taylor responded by saying, "I've delighting daily Pam."

Soon the two women proceeded to remove the comments.

According to staff at the Development Authority in Clay County, led by Taylor, the latter was removed from her job because of racial suspended.

The Clay City Council was held an emergency session on Tuesday afternoon, during which he agreed to the resignation of his boss, saying that he would appoint a successor have to assume this office for the remainder of the state for a period of 3 years.

The Council issued a statement in which he apologized on behalf of the town for the first lady, and anyone else disturbed by the comments welling.

Welling apologized in turn, said in a statement published by the Washington Post: "I never intend to be a racist comment."