The annual American Risk Assessment Report predicts the collapse of 3 countries and two fears

April 15, 2021
The annual American Risk Assessment Report predicts the collapse of 3 countries and two fears The annual American Risk Assessment Report predicts the collapse of 3 countries and two fears

Daily Times, United Arab Emirates: - The annual US risk assessment report for 2021 blamed Russia and Turkey for the collapse of 3 countries.

The report said that the economic and social repercussions of the Corona pandemic will lead to an increase in the rate of protest, popular tension and the spread of conflicts in the Middle East.


The report expected that ISIS will continue its efforts to control the Iranian-backed Shiite militias, and will continue its attacks against American targets to pressure them to leave Iraq.

The report indicated that American employees in Iraq will face danger if popular protests against corruption and the deterioration of the economy escalate, or if Baghdad is involved in a larger regional conflict.


The report said that the national unity government will face the same political, economic and security challenges that prevented previous governments from achieving reconciliation and stability.

The report warned of a renewed civil war in Libya this year, despite the limited political, economic and security progress achieved under the ceasefire agreement brokered by the United Nations in October 2020, which calls for the departure of foreign forces.


The report predicts the continuation of conflict, humanitarian crises and economic deterioration in the coming years, which will lead to an increase in threats to the American forces.

The American report indicated that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad will struggle to regain the rest of the territories beyond his influence, and also expected that Assad will refrain from entering into meaningful peace negotiations while he depends on the support of Russia and Iran.

The report suggested that the American forces in eastern Syria will face threats from Iran and groups allied with the Syrian regime, through attacks that can often be denied, pointing out that terrorists will try to launch attacks on Western forces from their safe havens in Syria, and the increase in fighting or economic collapse may lead to a wave A new immigration from the country.

The report said that while China and Russia represent the two main challenges, Iran and North Korea remain a source of danger to US national security.


The agencies said Iran would "represent a constant threat to the United States and the interests of allies" in the Middle East, and that it was working to undermine American influence.


The US intelligence report states that China's pursuit of becoming a global power represents the greatest threat to US national security.

The Annual Risk Assessment Report for 2021 includes the views of the US intelligence services on the major external security issues facing President Joe Biden in his first year in office, which have been further complicated by the outbreak of the Corona pandemic and global climate change.

The report says that the ruling Chinese Communist Party will intensify "the efforts of the entire government to expand China's influence, undermine the influence of the United States, divide Washington and its allies and partners, and strengthen acceptance of its authoritarian regime."

Meanwhile, Chinese leaders will "seize opportunities" to de-escalate tensions with the United States when their interests warrant.

The report says that China has significant capabilities to launch cyber attacks that could at the very least cause limited and temporary disruptions to critical infrastructure in the United States.

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