The second repercussion of his visit to Egypt, the President of Tunisia, Qais Said, snarls

April 19, 2021
President of Tunisia: I am the supreme commander of the military and civilian armed forces President of Tunisia: I am the supreme commander of the military and civilian armed forces

President of Tunisia: I am the supreme commander of the military and civilian armed forces

Tunisia / Follow-ups // The President of the Republic of Tunisia, the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, Qais Said, on Sunday morning, April 18, 2021, supervised the procession celebrating the sixty-fifth anniversary of the Day of the Internal Security Forces, and delivered a speech on this occasion, carrying implicit messages to the Tunisian people, the armed forces, the government and the parliament.

While Qais Saeed’s speech was not without emotions that showed anger, it is considered the second repercussion of his recent visit to Egypt at the invitation of President Abdel Fateh Al-Sisi.

Although Qais Saeed was always keen to send such messages to what are the names of "dark forces" in his speech on the occasion of Eid al-Fitr Ramadan 2020, but he followed his speech with a message to the Tunisian people and the attendees from the members of the government and the Assembly of the People, where he invoked constitutional texts confirming that he is the supreme leader. For the military and civil armed forces, explaining that he does not want to seize power, as he concluded, `` The president of the state is the supreme commander of the military and civilian armed forces. Let this matter be clear to all Tunisians, wherever they are..I do not tend to monopolize these forces, but the constitution must be respected. ''

During his speech, he explained to the armed forces that he was keen to surround them and their families, but he blamed the obstruction of the implementation of this promise - despite the fact that the draft law on surrounding them was ready from a short time ago - on what the politicians are doing in terms of dividing positions and quotas.

Qais Saeed also clarified the political situation in Tunisia with the countless pandemics in addition to the Corona pandemic, when he thanked the armed forces for their efforts in confronting health and political pandemics.

Qais Saeed stressed that everyone is equal before the law and that there is no intercession for a party, no party, no wealth, or position.

The President of Tunisia expressed his regret that those who should be role models contribute to these situations, so the texts are placed on the standard, including the text of the constitution ... saying: But they missed the size ...

And in a firm tone, Qais Saeed said: “I say it while I am in the holy month of Ramadan, there are those who cling to immunity or kinship - immunity is to guarantee freedom of attitude, expression and opinion, not defamation and defamation.”

He addressed his speech to the armed forces, saying: Perhaps you are striving for yourselves while you are not confronting the insults and perhaps the blood that is shed, but immunity cannot be a barrier to accountability or an obstacle to impunity.

After the end of his speech, the President of Tunisia stated that he “will clarify a legal and constitutional issue in the first place.”

Said said, “I brought you the original text of the first constitution that Habib Bourguiba had sealed, which states that the president of the republic is the supreme commander of the military forces, and I brought you the text of the constitution that was sealed by the late Jalouli Fares, and Article 46 of it stipulates that the President of the Republic is the supreme commander of the military armed forces.” '.

He continued, “I brought you the current constitution, the president of the republic assuming the supreme command of the armed forces ... and this constitutional text did not include a statement for the military armed forces, as stated in the 1959 constitution.”

He added, `` You know that the President of the Republic is the one who undertakes the appointments and exemptions in the higher military and diplomatic posts related to national security after consulting the Prime Minister, and the higher positions are regulated by law.

The principle is that it does not separate, as the law does not differentiate. This is typical of all texts of the world. The armed forces are the military armed forces and the security armed forces.

If you like, go back to the law relating to the internal security forces. ''

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