8 signs that you are infected with the Coronavirus without knowing it

April 08, 2021
Symptoms of Covid 19 infection and recovery from it without knowing it Symptoms of Covid 19 infection and recovery from it without knowing it

Daily Times: - The emerging corona virus may have existed from an earlier period than we originally thought; Which led to the infection of some people - and perhaps you of them - with the virus and then recovered from it without knowing it .. What is it?

There are 8 symptoms of infection with the emerging corona virus and recovery from it without us knowing, as most people with Covid 19 suffer from uncomplicated infections, and they may not be distinguished from a cold or influenza.

The full list of signs of infection "Covid-19" includes the following:

  • Red eyes
  • Cough that looks 'different'
  • Brain fog
  • Slight heat
  • Tired
  • Sudden loss of smell or taste
  • stomachache

And when someone has a viral or bacterial infection; A healthy immune system makes antibodies against one or more components of the virus or bacteria.

The Corona virus contains ribonucleic acid (RNA), which is surrounded by a protective layer, which contains proteins prominent on the outside that can attach to certain human cells.

Once the virus enters the cells, the viral RNA begins to multiply, and it also turns on the production of proteins, both of which allow the virus to infect more cells and spread throughout the body, especially the lungs.

While the immune system can respond to different parts of the virus; It is the prickly protein that gets the most attention.

"Immune cells recognize the spiky protein as foreign and start producing antibodies in response."

While an antibody test may tell a person whether they have COVID-19; Its prognosis is not known, however.

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