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Monday, 06 July 2020 12:45

Do not eat eggs daily

Six eggs are enough per week Six eggs are enough per week

Egyptian News Vision: The human body is not suitable for eating the same food every day, even if it is an ideal composition like eggs, because it may cause the emergence of allergies, which create for the human many problems since the person will not be able to eat any food that contains eggs.

Endocrinologist Dr. Zahra Pavlova indicated that egg components contain an "ideal formula" for nutrients, including vitamin D, but it is not recommended to eat eggs daily.

She says, "I would not recommend frying any material, due to the final results of Glycation, which is the main factor in the aging process of the body and many other problems.

" Therefore, it is preferable not to eat fried eggs or only eat them on occasion. "

The expert advises, not to eat more than six eggs per week, and it is better to be boiled because it is easier to digest and absorb better.

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