America, Texas: - Strokes and heart attacks cause the heart muscle to weaken and damage, and thanks to medical research, a way has been found to restore those muscles, by changing what their cells consume to produce energy, which can help the heart to heal when cells die.

This medical discovery was made by the medical school scientists at the University of Southwest Texas, which revives hope for treatment of cases of damage to heart muscle cells, including heart failure caused by viruses, toxins, high blood pressure, and heart attacks.

Professor Hashem Sadiq of the University’s Department of Cardiology says: The current methods used to treat heart failure are tasked to stop damage to the heart muscle because stress increases damage to it, causing cell death; that is, there are no therapeutic methods to restore the heart muscle.

Professor "Sadiq" and his scientific team had discovered, 9 years ago, that the mammalian heart could regenerate when damaged in the first days of life, as a result of the process of dividing the cells of the heart muscle, which is responsible for the strength of its contracting.

But by the seventh day, this ability will disappear permanently, and this is an acute turning point in which the division of these cells slows markedly.

Subsequent studies have shown that these changes in the regenerative capacity are caused by damage to the free radicals that feed the cells and damage the DNA of cells, causing them to stop dividing.

Professor "Sadiq" says: It is now necessary to devise a drug that alters what the heart muscle cells feed on to force them to divide, to treat heart diseases, including heart failure.

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