Friday, 14 August 2020

I Internet&technology

Egyptian news vision: - The Chinese company "Xiaomi" announced the transparent Oled TV, and the screen bears the name "Mi TV LUX OLED Transparent Edition" and has a frame thickness of 5.7 mm placed on a circular base.

Egyptian news vision: - Users recently noticed that the Google search engine is linked to accounts on social media, and it seems that the American search engine has begun a new experiment to integrate social networks with search results, as it will enable users to create their identification card, such as a profile that includes a profile of them and links to their accounts on social platforms.

Egyptian news vision: - The US Space Agency (NASA) said that chemical reactions in the upper atmosphere are behind the transformation of the color of Mars from red to green.

Egyptian news vision:Space, a site specializing in space science, said that the NASA Malvin probe has detected a frightening green glow in the atmosphere of Mars.

Egyptian News Vision: - Researchers at the National University of Singapore have unveiled an innovation called "ISS", an electronic skin containing up to 100 small sensors, in an area of about one square centimeter.

Egyptian News Vision: - Tips to help you keep your account secure and private in Snapchat:-


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