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Egyptian News Vision, capitals, agencies: - Corona virus news around the world is always negative, and raises fears, while the country was the heartland of the virus, which exported it to the world, is the source of the positive news, as China recorded zero infections, and zero deaths.

Algeria, The Algerian police found the body of a Moroccan expatriate, in the house of an Algerian politician, and is being investigated.

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The World Health Organization has raised its warning level, especially for countries that have not had new cases of the new Corona virus, and provided that the risk is real, and the virus is inevitably coming. She assured those countries of the necessity of strengthening their preparations to confront the epidemic, warning that he was "effectively knocking at the door."

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Algerians have launched a campaign to return a cock to its owner, who, after a complaint she lodged, was seized by the police at the Italian embassy in Algeria.

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Algerian military judiciary, Said Bouteflika, the brother of former Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika, has condemned and sentenced him to 15 years in prison, with the same sentence on the two generals, Tawfiq and Tarrag.

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The regional international summit on Libya concluded its work in the German capital Berlin, with an agreement to implement the arms embargo to Libya and move the settlement path, and the formation of a military committee of 5 officers from the Al-Wefaq government and 5 others from the Libyan National Army with the aim of converting the current armistice into a permanent ceasefire.

Sunday, 12 January 2020 14:36

Berbers celebrate the entry into the year 2970

North Africa:- The Amazighs celebrate these days by entering the year 2970, and the date for celebrating this holiday varies between the Amazighs between the twelfth and thirteenth of January, and the date varies between Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco.

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Algeria:- Algerian businessman and general manager of Ceftal Industrial Group, YaSaad Rabrab, has left El Harrach prison, where he spent the sentence during the trial period in the case of inflating bills and violating the legislation in the movement of capital to and from abroad.

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