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The Kingdom of Morocco:- After Egypt announced chloroquine as a treatment for the emerging coronavirus, and that its use under strict medical care may be effective in dealing with this global epidemic, a number of countries began working on this drug, and the race to reach a confirmed result.

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Morocco, Egyptian news vision: - Moroccan journalist, Iman Agoutan, criticized the behavior of the Moroccan Youtube, Asmaa"beauty", and asked her to do good, to stay at home, instead of trying to appear as a philanthropist, while she profited from what she had done.

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Egyptian News Vision, capitals, agencies: - Corona virus news around the world is always negative, and raises fears, while the country was the heartland of the virus, which exported it to the world, is the source of the positive news, as China recorded zero infections, and zero deaths.

Egyptian News Vision: The Moroccan artist, Hanan Al-Masoudi, spoke about the reason for her exclusion, her deliberate absence on the artistic scene, during her dialogue with a Moroccan newspaper, and she described the bitterness of the feeling she felt throughout this period, because some directors marginalized and excluded her.

Sunday, 08 March 2020 11:37

The death of an Arab artist during his honor

Morocco / Tangier / The 21st session of the Moroccan Film Festival was organized in Tangier, Morocco Moroccan actor Khaled Bakouri is a guest of honor for this session, but he suffered a sudden heart attack that claimed his life at the age of 64.

Casablanca, Morocco:-- After the United Arab Emirates handed over Moroccan model, Aisha Ayyash, to the authorities in her country, and she is the main suspect in the case of "Hamza Moon Bibi", Aisha submitted confessions condemning the artist, Donia Butma and her sister, Ibtisam.

Saturday, 22 February 2020 08:24

Moroccan fashion designer Aisha Ayyash arrested

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates: - The UAE police arrested the Moroccan fashion designer, Aisha Ayyash, for her involvement in the case of what has become known as the “Hamza Moon Baby Account”, and she will be deported to her country.

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Moroccan cyclist, Mahdi Shoukry, has retracted from the decision to join an Israeli team, after local and international media pressure, as he intended to professionalize within an Israeli team.

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