Arab News Vision // Reem Abdullah, the Saudi artist, took refuge in the international photo exchange site, Instagram, and did not talk about her arrest on charges of money laundering.

Egyptian News Vision: - The Saudi journalist, Fahid Al-Shammari, retracted what he said about Moroccan girls, and said that he did not intend them when he said that they had come to his country to practice prostitution.

America's stockpile is still rising

Dubai United Arab Emirates:- Although the Corona virus declined in some countries, which prompted them to ease quarantine measures, the statements of governments in these countries confused oil prices.

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates:- The repercussions of the Corona pandemic hit the major economies of the world, and amid this crisis, limited economic resources have become in direct confrontation with the painful decisions that their governments resort to, as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia decided to raise the value-added tax rate and stop the cost of living allowance.

Saudi Arabia, the Egyptian news vision: He threatened an Egyptian citizen residing in Saudi Arabia threatening the Egyptian government that what happened in Kuwait will happen in Saudi Arabia, asking the authorities to help them return to their countries.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia abolished the punishment of flogging, and replaced it with imprisonment, a fine, or both, as one of the measures that falls within the reforms and developments in the field of human rights in the Kingdom.

Egyptian News Vision: In a £ 300m deal, the Saudi Public Investment Fund paid an unrecoverable advance to the owner of the English club, Newcastle, Mike Ashley.

Egyptian news vision: - The new Corona virus recorded the highest infection rate in the Arab countries, hitting three Gulf countries, namely Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates, to occupy Algeria, which presented the number of deaths.

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