Dubai - Daily Times: - Brothers Tanvir and Farhan (21-19 years old) A native Bangladeshi to carry out a crime that has shaken public opinion in the US state of Dallas.

Spain, Daily Times / Spanish newspaper "El Mundo": - A judge of the Central Instructions Court in Spain has ordered the detention of the Secretary of the Union of Islamic Communities in Spain, Ayman Al-Adlebi, on pretrial detention on charges of belonging to and financing terrorism.

Dubai, Daily Times: - American elderly Eric Warren, 50, paid a 20-year-old prison sentence for the first installment of a new car, which he had gone out to test before contracting to purchase it.

"Warren" went to an agency selling BMW cars on the morning of June 7, 2019; He liked a car and wanted to own it, and he asked the salesperson to try driving it until the writing of the purchase contract was completed.

But "Eric" quickly went to a bank and threatened an employee with a firearm, before handing him a paper threatening to give him $ 10,000 in denominations of 50 and 100 dollars, or else he would kill him.

After about a quarter of an hour, the thief returned to the car dealership and paid $ 3,000 in the stolen money as a down payment for the car.

"K-Xan" reported that during the completion of the purchase contract processing process, an employee received a call about a nearby bank robbery; He realizes through the specifications that the car used in the robbery matches the car that Eric intends to buy.

The employee was able to report to the police without drawing the thief's attention; He was arrested in possession of $ 5,086 in cash with a fake pistol used in the robbery with his fingerprints on it.

The accused pleaded guilty to bank robbery in August 2020; He was recently sentenced to 20 years in prison.

Dubai, Daily Times: - About five months after the incident, a French student admitted that the story she mentioned, which led to an online hate campaign and the slaughter of history professor Samuel Patty, was a false story.

Dubai, Daily Times: A "ghost ship" roams the oceans of the world without a crew or owner. It is 250 feet long. It has traveled more than 1,000 miles in the open ocean and moved from the southern coast of Ireland and two years ago it was in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, and before that in the United States of America.

Dubai, Daily Times: - American Lawrence Paul Anderson, 42, confessed to killing three people in Oklahoma, southern USA, and cooking one of them with potatoes.

Dubai, Diyala Times: - The Iranian woman, Zahraa Ismaili, was standing in line awaiting execution after being convicted of killing her husband, whom she had killed in defense of herself and her daughter.

Dubai United Arab Emirates:-- Leader of the civil rights movement, Malcolm X, before his death in 1965, left a letter saying that the New York Police and the FBI conspired in his liquidation, prompting his daughters to demand the reopening of the investigation into the crime.

Dubai United Arab Emirates:- Defendant Edward Seleznev, who is 51 years old, confessed before a Russian court that he killed three of his friends and ate their flesh in 2017 and was described as a "cannibal", confirming that he stabbed his friends, aged between 59, 43 and 34 years old, to death while they were in Drunk, before they boil their bodies and eat their cooked leftovers.

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