Italy - Federico II University in Naples: - The Mount Vesuvius volcano, in the first century AD, in the year 79 AD, was the fiercest and strongest in Earth's history since birth, and its temperature was sufficient to convert some of the brains of its victims into glass.

North Africa:- The Amazighs celebrate these days by entering the year 2970, and the date for celebrating this holiday varies between the Amazighs between the twelfth and thirteenth of January, and the date varies between Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco.

On the anniversary of the birth of a century and a century

Egypt/ 101 years have passed since the birth of the late Egyptian President, Mohamed Anwar El-Sadat, who was born in the village of Mit Abu El-Kom in Menoufia Governorate on December 25, 1918.

Scientists believe there is a 1,600 km river beneath the largest ice crust

The island of Greeland, the largest island in the world, has become an increasing focus of scientific study, as scientists and researchers are looking to uncover the hidden world beneath the glaciers of the earth, and the implications of changing levels of ice on the future of the planet.

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