Red Wednesday, or the beginning of creation when the Yezidis, It is called Garmashampa, The New Year's Day for the Yezidi Kurds

The first Wednesday of April falls every year according to the Eastern calendar, which is 13 days from the Western calendar,  It is celebrated by the Yezidis in their places of residence in Syria, Iraq, Turkey, Iran and various parts of Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Russia and many European countries, especially in Germany.

The secrets of Pharaonic Egypt are revealed by a 2,500-year-old coffin because it may contain the remains of a high-profile mummy found 150 years ago, and academics from the University of Sydney mistakenly labeled it a free-standing coffin.

The mistake was accidentally discovered last year when researchers lifted the lid of the coffin and found the remains of a mummy worn out.

Egypt, Egyptian tourism / Egyptian Antiquities Minister Khalid Al-Anani announced the discovery of eight tombs inside burial wells containing forty stone coffins containing mummies for high priests in the modern state, in addition to more than a thousand small statues and a set of gold and bronze crockery in the region of Tuna mountain in the Western Desert Menia in Upper Egypt.

Egypt, Turkey, Cairo is trying to remove the name of the Ottoman state from its history, after the decision of the province of the capital to erase the guilt of the Ottoman Sultan Salim I, one of the streets of the Zaitoun in the Egyptian capital, waiting to be compensated with an Egyptian national figure, martyrs or leaders or intellectuals.

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