Vision Egypt News: - The song "Nach meri rani" by Moroccan singer Noura Fathy and Indian star Guru Randhawa ranked at the top of the most viewed videos on YouTube in India and Morocco.

Vision Egypt News: - The reconciliation between the Lebanese artists Qamar and the Syrian, Angie Khoury, came in the form of an electronic signature on a bikini swimsuit, thus expressing tolerance between two girls who kept on appearing in a tempting and bold manner.

Vision Egypt News: - The Egyptians made a fame of a Moroccan dress called "Ibtisam Moumni" after they responded to her insulting women in Egypt, describing them as "men", a fame that she could not dream of even after she became a beauty queen in her country.

Vision Egypt News: - The Syrian actress, Asala Nasri, was in a special ceremony that brought together several Egyptian artists when she started to sing and dance to the rhythms of a song by Ramy Sabry, who was performing with her.

Vision Egypt News: - The Lebanese artist, Amar, shared her followers on the international photo exchange site "Instagram", with a wonderful collection of photos.

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سقوط طائرة على منزل بولاية ميسيسيبي الأمريكية
Un avion s'écrase sur une maison dans le Mississippi, USA
A plane crashes on a house in Mississippi, USA
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