Scientists believe there is a 1,600 km river beneath the largest ice crust

The island of Greeland, the largest island in the world, has become an increasing focus of scientific study, as scientists and researchers are looking to uncover the hidden world beneath the glaciers of the earth, and the implications of changing levels of ice on the future of the planet.

In the context of this research, experts from the University of Hokkaido and the Norwegian Oslo said that they may have discovered a clear and calm river beneath the surface of the ice, transporting water from the heart of Greenland Island, to the Atlantic Ocean through the Strait of Peterman.

The scientists used radar data to analyze the height of the rock surfaces under the ice to create a computer simulation of the possible position of the Earth.

They found the possibility of a long valley containing liquid water flowing towards the coast, which led scientists to assume that they discovered a running river with a length of 1600 km flowing under the surface of the earth and the ice sheet. If true, this could mean that the river runs a significant distance under the world's second largest ice crust, which is 2,400 kilometers long.

The researchers called the river or a possible waterway a "dark river" because a large part of its path would be clear of light, and they said: more work is needed to confirm the existence of the river while presenting the results of what they reached at a meeting of the American Geophysical Union.

The researchers added: "The results are consistent with a currently active long glacier system, which if confirmed by further bottom-monitoring by radar and monitoring equipment; the length of the river can be more than 1,600 km."

They said: "The results raise issues related to the need to monitor, understand and simulate the complex base hydrology of the Earth's ice sheets."

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