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The Pyramids of Giza were built by aliens

Saturday, 01 August 2020
Zahi Hawas responds to Elon Musk: educate yourself Zahi Hawas responds to Elon Musk: educate yourself Photo source: - Compilation of news visibility from Google

Egyptian News Vision: - The response of the Egyptian archaeologist, Dr. Zahi Hawas to the billionaire, the founder of the Tesla company, Elon Musk, was harsh and scientific after he doubted that the builders of the pyramids are the pharaohs.

Dr. Zahi Hawas explained: The archaeological, historical, and linguistic evidence proves that the builders of the pyramids are the Egyptians and that King Ramses II Sharqawi from the Delta and his family lived in "Bar Ramos" in the current Qantar and ruled Egypt in this period.

Zahi Hawass added that there are written language guides inside the tombs of the employees and nobles indicating Khufu and its pyramid, and that the pyramid is a symbol of the sun god, and that it is part of the Egyptian pyramids that were built from the third family until the beginning of the 18th family, and that the tombs of the workers built by the pyramids prove to the whole world that The pyramid was the national project for Egypt, and the pyramid builders have worked on building the pyramid for 32 years.

He continued: He revealed the papyrus valley of Al-Jarf in which the chief of staff told us, “Pass” about building the pyramid and cutting stones from its cores. Live.

Dr. Zahi Hawas said: I ask this billionaire to educate himself and read what was written about the Pharaohs and the Pyramids so that he knows that the pyramids are not related to space, and that the pyramid builders are the Egyptians and that King Ramses II is the Egyptian of Sharkawy.

Zahi Hawas said: The billionaire's money did not make him famous, so he began to announce that creatures came from space to build the pyramids and that King Ramses II was also from space, adding: It was supposed not to be followed because he did not deserve it, but I found that this news was published in all Makan, but it is news that has no scientific evidence.

And Musk in his tweet said: "It is clear that aliens built the pyramids," and pointed to Ramses II using an emoji that shows a face with black glasses, a shape that resembles aliens.