Vision, United States of America: - Four people were killed when a Mitsubishi MU2B60 plane crashed into a house in Hattiesburg, southeast of Jackson, the capital of the state of Mississippi, USA.

Vision, Morocco: - The African woman, Halima Cisse (25 years), set a record for the birth of the number of twins, as she gave birth to nine twins, which is more than what doctors detected in her congested uterus, to join a rare group of women who gave birth to nine twins.

Vision, Germany: - The German judicial police have arrested the world's largest network of child pornography on the dark internet, with more than 400,000 affiliates.

This porn platform has been in operation since 2019, in mid-April.

Vision, Poland: - The map revealed classified documents and notes of an SS officer of the Nazi leader, Adolf Hitler; There are tons of gold, worth up to a billion dollars hidden underground in Poland.

Vision, Egypt: - In the succession of train accidents in Egypt, the Mansoura - Damietta train derailed in the city of Kafr Saad, in Damietta governorate "north of the Egyptian capital," without causing casualties or injuries.

The train derailed due to a shunt malfunction.

Vision, Saudi Arabia: - A person opened fire in front of his wife's house in the "Arqa" neighborhood of the Saudi capital, Riyadh, threatening his wife to burn her if she did not drop the Al-Khula 'case that she filed against him.

The attacker was targeting his wife's house for 4 consecutive days, and in the video he documented, a woman appeared from above the house, apparently the attacker's wife, at the moment of shooting more than once and screaming, while she was calling for her brother, who was fighting her husband.

The vision, Bahrain: - The "Tree of Life" stands steadfast in the middle of the desert of the Kingdom of Bahrain, like a living miracle in the heart of the desert; It has lasted for more than 100 years, despite the fact that there is no source of water from which it can feed.

Vision, Japan: - A young Japanese man was involved in a fraud case involving 35 women. He dated them at the same time, and despite his intelligence, his order was revealed by a simple mistake, and he was arrested

Vision, Iraq: - An oxygen tank exploded in Ibn Al-Khatib Hospital, which specializes in treating Corona virus, in the Diyala Bridge region, southeast of Baghdad, causing a fire that killed 82 people and injured 110 others.

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Un avion s'écrase sur une maison dans le Mississippi, USA
A plane crashes on a house in Mississippi, USA
Un avión se estrella contra una casa en Mississippi, EE. UU.
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