#Vision: - Sudan News Agency said; Ethiopian Airlines planes were heading to the capital, Addis Ababa, coming from a number of European and Asian airports, and were forced to land at Khartoum Airport, due to bad weather and low visibility to only 800 meters at Addis Ababa airport.

#Egyptian_News_Vision - Dubai United Arab Emirates A mentally ill person killed the imam of Tariq bin Ziyad Mosque, called Bilal Hammoudi, in the municipality of Makira in Algeria, while he was leading the worshipers, on the second day of Eid al-Adha, according to a statement issued by the Directorate of Religious Affairs of the state of Tizi Ouzou, through its account on "Facebook".

#Daily_Times Dubai United Arab Emirates:- As the world's eyes turn to the Japanese capital, where the Tokyo Olympics are held, the news comes from there, unpleasant, as 12 cases of coronavirus related to the Olympics have been recorded.

Daily Times, Dubai United Arab Emirates: - The investigations of the Public Prosecution Office in Egypt, in the case known in the media as the “Tik Tok girls”, are still revealing new details about Mawaddah   of Al-Adham and Hanin Hosam, who are accused of human trafficking.

Daily Times, Dubai United Arab Emirates: The Dodo animal news site said that an American woman wanted to save a turtle stuck in the fence of her garden, but her heart stopped in terror when she saw it.

Daily Times, Dubai United Arab Emirates:- After what was said of rumors that rose to the level of news about the Johnson & Johnson vaccine against the Corona virus, the American company is exposed to a situation that may make people lose confidence in any product of this company, after the appearance of the chemical benzene in products for sun protection.

Daily Times, Dubai United Arab Emirates:- The United States of America returned to square one, in terms of combating the Corona virus, as the number of infections returned to the rise, for the third consecutive day, as about 20 thousand new infections were recorded, a threshold that the country has not exceeded since May 2021.

Daily Times, Dubai United Arab Emirates:- In imitation of Indian beliefs, an Egyptian girl did a photo session, and published it on the “Instagram” website, in which she announced her marriage to a dog and commented: “A dog is a shadow and there is no shadow...”, which angered and resented thousands of followers.

Daily Times, Dubai United Arab Emirates:- The Spanish newspaper "El Mundo" confirmed that the Mexican government offered the house of drug lord Guzmán Joaquín, known as "El Chapo", for a lottery on September 15, 2021, and 248 prizes in kind and cash will be awarded for 250 million pesos (about 12.5 million dollars).

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