Sunday, 12 July 2020

T Take-off

Egyptian News Vision // 42-year-old Hu Weifeng, a Chinese doctor, died after four months of attempts to save him, as he was infected with coronavirus in January 2020 while working at Wuhan Hospital.

Egyptian News Vision: - Walaa Al Bushi, the Sudanese Minister of Youth and Sports, was infected with the emerging coronavirus, and started taking the necessary health measures and informed all persons who had mixed with or approached them.

Egyptian News Vision: - The Saudi journalist, Fahid Al-Shammari, retracted what he said about Moroccan girls, and said that he did not intend them when he said that they had come to his country to practice prostitution.

Egyptian News Vision: - The "Natur Mort", or Silent Nature, is a small abstract oil painting on canvas, painted by Spanish artist Pablo Picasso in 1921, depicting a table, newspapers, and a cup of absinthe.

Egyptian News Vision: - The idea started on Twitter with a simple contest between the best picture, provided that the participant was the one who filmed, and the reward is 500 Saudi riyals, to turn into minutes into an international competition, and the celebrities participated in the art and sport.

Egyptian News Vision: - While the governments of the world took decisions not to transfer their citizens between governorates and states to prevent the spread of the Corona virus, the second wife was an exception in the State of Kuwait, as the government gave permission for a man married to more than one woman to move.


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