Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Daily Times: - Italy allowed the "Ocean Viking" to land 116 survivors out of 176 who were on a boat that burned during an operation to cross the maritime border in the so-called illegal immigration, and 60 people are still missing.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Daily Times: - A new incident against people of color in the United States of America committed by a school principal in New York State, in which an 11-year-old black-skinned student was forced to kneel and apologize to a teacher; Because doing so was the "African way" of asking for forgiveness, he claims.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Daily Times: - Amidst the quarrels between Moscow and Washington, Russian President Vladimir Putin chose to spend the weekend with Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu in the taiga forests of Siberia.

Dubai, Daily Times: - The bodyguard of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan committed suicide, after leaving a message indicating that he had been subjected to repeated pressures, threats and insults during his work.

Dubai, Daily Times: - New York held a virtual party to honor the thirty thousand and 258 victims of the Corona virus in the United States, which began with a short musical performance by the New York Philharmonic Orchestra, in front of candles lit on the famous Brooklyn Bridge.

Dubai, Daily Times: - During the second half of a match between Paris Saint-Germain and Nantes, the Argentine player, Angel Di Maria, was replaced after a burglary that forced him to leave the match, and was replaced by the player, Di Maria Pleandro Paredes.

Dubai, Daily Times: - A student carried a bomb with him to the classroom of a school in the state of Michigan, USA, and it exploded and injured at least 5 people.

Dubai, Daily Times: - Spanish forces arrested former Barcelona club president Josep Maria Bartomeu at his home.

Dubai, Daily Times: - A Jordanian girl became hysterical and started screaming and smashing in the windshields of cars parked in the street, and the police managed to arrest her.

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