China made the Sphinx, replica

Buddhist temple in China 1,400 years old

Songyue Temple

Every society, whatever the degree of culture or offer has a private belief about the "bad luck", or pessimism and superstition, and in this case, there is no difference between an intellectual or a limited culture, not between rich and poor, and between Western and Arabic.

Beliefs of bad luck do not depend on nationality, race, culture or religion.

Sultan Ahmad Mosque

From the famous mosques built on the famous architect Sinan model.

This is due to the construction of the mosque to the seventeenth century.

The worst 27 cities around the world in the quality of living standards, according to a study conducted by the company, "Mercer", one of the largest consulting firms in the world of Human Resources

British Mercer site, put those countries within the worst in the world, and was based in Ranked a set of criteria, such as political stability, the quality of social and public services, covering 450 cities around the world.

Sub-Saharan Africa's cities and some cities in the Middle East, topped the list of the worst in the world:

Every refugee in France take the decision out of them, before the end of 2016, will be obtained on the amount of 2500 euros, and the money ready to pay immediately.

This is the announcement by the French Agency for Migration and integration, as a kind of "compensation" for refugees and immigrants for refugee trip to Europe.

"Air HELP" enterprise specialized in the classification of international airlines, based in designated airlines on the quality of services, and punctuality, passengers and compensation in case of delays or cancellations.

"Air HELP Foundation" issued a new report on the best and worst airlines, which includes 78 airlines around the world in order to help customers choose the best.

For the sixth year in a row, the Swiss Aterpon on the throne of wealth, are ahead of the citizens of the United States, with an average wealth is estimated at US $ 561 900 to the citizen; according to the annual report of the Bank of Credit Suisse rate of wealth in the world.

The number of Internet users in North Korea has 605 members and 200 thousand in prisons

North Korea is a country in the northern half of the Korean Peninsula in East Asia, the capital and largest city of Pyongyang, its president, "Kim Jong-un," This is the strangest information about them:

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