Death of the impetuous cat, Gramby - vision
Death of the impetuous cat, Gramby Death of the impetuous cat, Gramby

Death of the impetuous cat, Gramby

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates:- Cat Gramsby, the world-renowned online photographer with her frantic face, walked away after helping to draw a smile on the faces of millions of people.

Grampy, whose original name is Tardar Sous, became known on the Internet in 2012 after publishing images of her fiance's expressions. The owner of the cat, Gramby, announced the death of complications caused by inflammation of the urinary tract.

The cat circled around the world and appeared on television, and in 2014 she starred as a star in her Christmas movie.

The Madame Tussauds wax museum in Francisco discovered a statue of the cat in 2015. And more than two million people.

They follow the cat account Gramby on Instagram. Upon hearing Grampy's departure, thousands of photos of her were posted on social media sites posted by users.

In 2018, the owners of the cat Gramby earned $ 710,000 in damages in a copyright case. Grampy Cat Ltd. has sued the owners of US coffee maker Greened for the recent violation of the agreement to use the image of the cat Gramby.

The agreement allowed Grind to use the cat image of Gramby to promote an ice-cream drink, but the company went beyond that and used the picture to promote other products.

Pondizin, owner of Gramby, was a waitress before she sung the fame of her beloved cat on the Internet.

Bundesin told the Express that she left her job within days of Gambi's first appearance on social networking sites.

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