Sunday, 12 July 2020

T Take-off

A French woman sued Boeing for killing her husband A French woman sued Boeing for killing her husband

A French woman sued Boeing for killing her husband

Dubai United Arab Emirates:- A French woman has asked Boeing to make financial compensation for her husband, who was killed in a plane accident.

Her husband died in the crash of a Boeing 737 Max aircraft in Ethiopia, and the aircraft manufacturer claims compensation of at least $ 276 million.

The crash of the Ethiopian Airlines No.

302 in March killed all 157 passengers and crew, after 189 people were killed on board a Boeing 737 Max airliner that landed in the ocean off Indonesia in similar circumstances.

Dozens of families have sued Boeing for the crash of the ION Air, and several lawsuits have been brought against the Ethiopian plane near Addis Ababa, prompting airlines around the world to shut down the Boeing 737 Max.

Frenchwoman Nadej Dubois-Six has filed the case with a US District Court in Chicago. Her husband Jonathan Sacks, a Swedish and Kenyan citizen, was chief executive of the Tamarind group of companies.

According to the lawsuit, Boeing did not correctly inform the pilots of the dangers posed by an electronic program designed to prevent the 737max from stopping, resulting in a frequent downgrade of the aircraft due to erroneous sensor data.

US lawyer Noman Hussain told a news conference in Paris that his client was seeking compensation of at least $ 276 million.


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