Sunday, 12 July 2020

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Because the son like me, my grandmother has the role of mother (...?) Because the son like me, my grandmother has the role of mother (...?)

Because the son like me, my grandmother has the role of mother (...?)

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates:- The American grandmother, Cecile Eldeg, 61, was forced to assume the role of surrogate mother, to take on her granddaughter as an alternative mother, so that her son Matthew Elligg and his wife Elliot Dugerty could have children. Grandma had to play this role because her son was gay.

Grandma Eldig of Nebraska said she had offered her son and wife to carry their baby as soon as they wanted to have children.

"Of course, they received the show with laughter." But when her son and his wife visited a fertility doctor looking for possible options for childbearing, the doctor said the offer of the grandmother was a possible option.

Indeed, Grandma underwent a personal interview and a series of tests, passed all of them and began preparing for pregnancy.

"I am very concerned about my health and there is no reason to question my ability to conceive," she said. Dugerti's sister, Leah, donated the egg to the couple, while a sperm from Matthew Elligg was used to fertilize it.

Dugerti, who works as a hairdresser, said heterosexual couples resorted to industrial fertilization as a last resort, while this was "the only hope" for him and his wife for childbearing.

"As long as we know we have to be unique, we have to think outside the box," said Matthew Elligg, a teacher.

Grandmother said the pregnancy went through easily and that she had the usual "though slightly more severe" symptoms of the three pregnancies she had ever had.

A week after the embryo was implanted in the grandmother's womb, she used a pregnancy test "despite the recommendations not to use it, because the boys were in a hurry."


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