Video: Neymar tries to rape a girl in Paris

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates:- The Russian site today published a video-recorded news, said it was from a surveillance camera in one of the hotel rooms in Paris, and the Brazilian star Neymar lived in.

The site "" published the video and claimed that the man who entered the room accompanied by a girl is Neymar, the French St Germain striker. He said Neymar had tried to rape the girl, but he had shot him.

But the man who came into the room appeared in the video as he took the girl to bed with her consent, but she blew up and his river after seconds of sleep on the bed.

The woman filed a complaint against the world's most expensive player, accusing him of raping her on May 15 in a Paris hotel.

A short dialogue can be heard in the video, when the girl slaps her partner: "I'll hit you now, do you know why? Yesterday you hurt me and left me alone here. "

The complainant alleges that she "wounded her emotions" when he was drunk in her hotel room. They talked and exchanged some caresses.

"But suddenly she changed and became hostile and resorted to violence to have sex" without her consent.

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