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An Egyptian plane coming from Hurghada caught fire at Romania Airport

Sunday, 17 October 2021
An investigation into the explosion of the tires of an Egyptian plane during landing at Romanian airport An investigation into the explosion of the tires of an Egyptian plane during landing at Romanian airport An Egyptian plane survives a disaster at Romanian airport

#international_vision, The director of Cluj-Napoca International Airport in Romania announced; David Chissio, reported an accident involving a plane belonging to the Egyptian "Fly Egypt" company coming from Hurghada, which led to a fire in the back of the landing gear.

The Egyptian plane that was involved in the accident at the airport in Romania was carrying 113 passengers, and that the four tires in the rear landing gear crashed.

The possible reason behind the explosion of the tires of the Egyptian plane coming from Hurghada, may be a very fast landing; But the examinations that will be carried out by specialists will confirm or deny this.

According to the Inspectorate of Emergency Situations, the plane landed on the runway of Cluj-Napoca International Airport with a fire burning in the rear of the landing gear.

"The fire was put out by the State Security Protection Unit. Forces from the Security Support Unit were deployed in Cluj. All the passengers were evacuated normally. At the moment, no one needs medical care," the inspectorate said.

Informed sources confirmed that the Boeing B737-7 was coming from Hurghada Airport in Egypt to Cluj-Napoca Airport, Romania, with flight number FT 3101.

The sources indicated that "the pilot was surprised by the tire explosion during landing, and was able to maintain the plane's path as much as possible."

 And that the losses included hitting the plane's tires only, and the runway was closed to withdraw the plane for maintenance and disrupted the airport for 3 hours.

The head of the Civil Aviation Authority in Egypt, Ashraf Nuer, ordered the formation of a committee to investigate the accident.

A source in the Egyptian Civil Aviation said, "The plane was allowed to take off from Romania without passengers, after carrying out the repair process, and ensuring the availability of air safety."

 The papers of the plane, which include the periodic and daily maintenance operations, were also seized, and the presence of any previous defects in them; As well as discussing the pilot of the plane in the incident."