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Forest fires in Greece, the gateway to hell

Sunday, 08 August 2021
Greece is in the fiery furnace again Greece is in the fiery furnace again Greece rescued from fires

#Vision, Dubai United Arab Emirates:- Giannis Kotzias, mayor of Istiaia, north of the island of Apia, the second largest of the Greek islands, said in a statement to the "Sky" network, "We are alone, our end is near," and this is a comment on what the city witnessed from the worst fires this season.

The situation was slightly better in the Peloponnese peninsula; One fire broke out in the south of the town of Megalopoli, and another fire in the western part of the peninsula is moving inland into the densely forested area near Olympia.

The mayor is calling for more air support to fight the fires, and has criticized decisions to keep firefighting planes close to Athens; This allowed the fires to get out of control in other parts of the country.

The reports say the situation has stabilized north of Athens; Where firefighters were able to put out some of the smaller fires.

The fires have attracted global attention, prompting countries in Europe and the Middle East to send in fire brigades to help.