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In India, he sold his wife for a smartphone

Tuesday, 26 October 2021
Do you sell your wife for a smart phone? Do you sell your wife for a smart phone? Indian police fail to recover wife after her husband sold her

#international_vision, A young man from the Indian state of Rajasthan has sold his wife to another man, in order to get money to buy a smart phone, according to the newspaper "India Times".

A 17-year-old Indian man went out with his wife and sold her to a 55-year-old man for 180,000 rupees (2,400) US dollars.

When the husband returned to his village, he was alone, and the wife's family asked him about her, and he said that she had abandoned him and went with another man.

The wife's family did not believe his account and submitted an urgent complaint to the police department, which interrogated him and found loopholes in his statement.

By reviewing his phone call log, they discovered the story, and he was arrested, according to the Emirates Today newspaper.

When the police tried to retrieve the "26-year-old" wife from Baran district, southeast Rajasthan, she faced great difficulty, as the local villagers refused to allow the police team to take her with them, asserting that they had paid for her.

The villagers demanded their money back, but the "teenager" husband had bought himself a smart phone, and spent the rest on entertainment and dining.