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Lunar New Year celebrations in China

January 29, 2021
Lunar New Year celebrations in China Lunar New Year celebrations in China

Dubai United Arab Emirates:- - The waters of the rivers froze in the eastern city of Harbin, coinciding with the Lunar New Year celebrations in China, where the Chinese celebrate the practice of winter sports, on top of which is ice swimming as a manifestation of the New Year celebrations in addition to being a corner of tourism in China, according to the China News Agency.

The temperature in the recent snow wave that hit the area dropped to minus 22, but that did not prevent diving enthusiasts in the freezing waters from enjoying swimming, as many diving lovers in the freezing waters broke the ice in Nanhu Park in Changchun and enjoy swimming in the water The cold which represented a unique sight during the winter season.

Winter sport in the snow is one of the most difficult sports in the world, where swimming in freezing temperatures and snowboarding in Omsk, one of the most important Russian cities for winter sports, as the winter sports season begins on the banks of the Artich River, the most prominent tributary of the Ob River and is heading towards the northwest at a distance of 4248 km Across China and Russia until it meets the Ob River in Western Siberia.

And Omsk is the most prominent Russian city located on the Irtysh River.

Snow swimming is one of the individual sports that receive great attention and challenge. Joint team games include skiing and ice hockey, and ice hockey is the most popular winter sport in the world, followed by Bandy. Winter sports includes its own multi-sport events, such as the Winter Olympics and Winter Universities.

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