Morocco has closed its airspace to more than 50 countries

April 20, 2021
Morocco has closed its airspace to more than 50 countries Morocco has closed its airspace to more than 50 countries

Daily Times, United Arab Emirates: - Morocco has closed its airspace to more than 50 countries, to limit the spread of mutated strains of the Corona virus.

Morocco succeeded in controlling the virus, but the mutated strains that began to spread in various countries are of concern to the Moroccan authorities.

The decision raised the concerns of workers in the tourism sector, at a time when the government tried to mitigate the repercussions of the decision to support workers in this field, and to postpone the contributions due on their part to the National Social Security Fund.

The Moroccan government revealed that the new Corona virus pandemic caused a decrease in the number of tourists coming to the country by 78.5 percent during the year 2020.

The tourism sector in Morocco is an important source of wealth, as it generated in 2019 revenues of 78.6 billion dirhams (8.7 billion dollars), according to the Moroccan Ministry of Tourism.

More than half a million people work in the sector, and it is a major source of hard currency, in addition to the remittances of Moroccans living abroad.

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