Egypt: The burning of the Panorama Tanta Hotel, video

May 10, 2021
Egypt: The burning of the Panorama Tanta Hotel, video Egypt: The burning of the Panorama Tanta Hotel, video

Vision, Egypt: - A fire broke out at the Panorama Tanta Hotel, from the Gharbia governorate, north of Cairo, and the Egyptian authorities pushed about 20 fire engines to control the fire.

The police had received a report of a fire in the upper floors of the approximately 20-storey hotel.

The hotel was evacuated until the fire was brought under control, the cause of which was not clear until now.

It appears that an electrical contact was behind the outbreak of the huge fire, which led to material damage, and the Public Prosecution Office was notified to investigate the incident.

Eyewitnesses circulated videos showing the huge flames rising from the top of the hotel, confirming that the fire caused a state of fear among residents of the neighboring properties.

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