America, California, San Bernardino, Mojave Desert: - The American Michael Hughes, 64, did not accept a theory confirmed by the Qur’an Muslims, and it came in the book of God, that the earth is round, and he was searching for evidence denying that theory, and confirming that the earth is flat.

Michael Hughes, over a period of about 3 years, made a missile and fired it, but it failed after he reached a height of 571 meters, out of 10700 he needed to try it, to save his life using an umbrella to land.

When he repeated the experiment, it was the end, when the system broke down and the parachute was torn 20 seconds after launch, and he remained suspended from the missile until he was killed by it.

The missile was launched in the Mojave Desert, California, to take photos of the ground, proving that it is flat, after the missile had a malfunction on its side, the phrase "search for flat land".

The height that Hughesho aspired to was 40 thousand feet, which can be achieved through a regular passenger plane, but Hughes insisted that the experience be entirely prepared, and that he only depends on himself for its success, except that a program from the Science Channel was photographing and following up on a process Launch to verify its results, so if it is sure that its owner has been killed and his obituary in a live and direct broadcast on the small screen.

The city police in California issued a statement of the fact, and the statement stated: One person was killed after falling from a missile in the desert northwest of San Bernardino.

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