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Watch what happened to him when he wanted to read the Quran in Britain

Wednesday, 01 December 2021

International vision: British police have moved to investigate a hate incident on an underground tube station between Mile End and Monument.

British passenger to a Muslim: "Do not recite the Qur'an here.. This is a Christian country"

This comes after the spread of a video showing the facts of the accident, where a British passenger appeared angry at a Muslim young man on a London Underground train, and demanded the young man to stop reading the Qur’an because it disturbs him with reading.

And the British passenger told the Muslim: "Do not read the Qur'an here. This is a Christian country."

In the video, the man speaks angrily while we hear the voice of a young Muslim man quietly reciting the Holy Qur’an. The passenger says: “This is a Christian country, and the Muslim must deal with our etiquette and do anything according to our way and our style.”

As the young man continued to recite, the angry passenger told him, "You won't do it on public transportation where I'm sitting...You don't even have the manners to ask me if I let you read here or not."

The Muslim passenger answers: "I don't need your permission."

The angry passenger replies: “You need my permission, because you are invading my privacy in my space.” The Muslim passenger points out, “You are there on your seat and I am here.” The Muslim adds: “If you have any problem, go and file a complaint.”

The angry passenger says, "Do you see anyone here from any other religion sitting doing morning prayers? .. No, do you know why? .. Because they respect others and this is your problem. You have no respect for others."

And the Muslim passenger replies to him, saying: "You are an old man, treat according to your age, only children are screaming."

But the angry traveler replies, "Yes, I'm a big man, and I'm telling you what you're doing is a violation of others' space."

The angry man says, "No one tells you to stop because they are so anxious about your feelings," he adds sarcastically and angrily, "Oh my God.. This is a Muslim.. Don't touch a Muslim.. But let me tell you that this is a Christian country, and you have to deal with our manners and our style."

As the Muslim passenger continues to recite the Qur'an, the man adds: "If you want to recite the Qur'an, you have to get up half an hour early and do it at home. You can head towards any Qiblah you want."

And the “Daily Mail” says that after the incident, the Muslim passenger broadcast the video on social media, and wrote: “For those who are wondering about what happened, I was not reading out loud, and I did not bother anyone, it was 6.40 am on Saturday morning, which is a holiday, The train was about 70% empty."

The Muslim passenger adds: "I think this man has a problem with Islam or the Qur'an, and his talk about the voice of recitation was justified to express his feelings, and to make me stop reading, because he believed that we should not be allowed to read the Qur'an in a public place."

The Muslim passenger adds: "I was calm and calm, thank God, but I believe that a man's thoughts and actions can have a great impact on others. I hope he realizes his mistakes and changes his way."